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Infants & Children

Children's Toys at Victoria Chiropractic Centre

Chiropractic care for infants can be helpful following the birthing process. For children, care can be beneficial due to falls from learning to walk, or injuries during regular play or sports.

Chiropractic care ensures that the spine and nervous system are functioning optimally. This may have a positive effect on colic, digestive function, gas pains and general well being.

Chiropractic care is gentle for babies, in fact treatments are comforting and relaxing. With finger tip touch, very little pressure is needed to get joints moving properly.

Infants and young children that are under the care of a chiropractor may experience improvement as a result of having a properly functioning spine and nervous system.

As a parent, you may want to consider chiropractic treatment as a safe and effective treatment for your children.

Why choose Victoria Chiropractic Centre...

Crystal, a mother of two small children, has been a patient at the Victoria Chiropractic Centre for many years. She started taking her children to see Dr. Gillis when they were both just a week old.

“Chiropractic care has always been part of my life, I’ve gone since I was really little. When my oldest was first born, Pala mentioned that a newborn’s digestive system may not be functioning the way it should and that a chiropractic treatment can make a big difference in making them more comfortable. Treatments definitely helped my children, they are more relaxed, less fussy.

My two-year-old loves to go to the chiropractor and if we don’t go for a while, she will often ask to go. Pala has five kids of her own and to me that’s very reassuring. She’s very good with them and really, really comfortable and that makes me very comfortable.” - Crystal J.