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Family Care

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We are all faced with stressors in our life, regardless of our age and the stage of our lives.

There are usually three different types of stressors that people identify with – physical, chemical and emotional.

Physical stress can result from an injury or a fall; chemical stress comes from the food and beverages that we consume or the pollution in the air; and emotional stress is due to events or situations in one’s life such as starting a new job, changing schools, moving or challenges in a relationship.

Tension can build up with greater stress levels, which often leads to joint restrictions in the spine. With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor these restrictions, however can most often be remedied.

While most people are in tune or aware of their bodies, children in particular, seem to be able to identify more easily with aches and pains that aren’t associated with ordinary play and activity.

Muscle soreness is normal, but if your child complains of neck or back pain, headaches or ongoing tension, there could be an underlying problem that could potentially be treated with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is available for the entire family. While we can’t eliminate all the stress in a modern day household, we can help to alleviate some difficulties, such as minor back and neck pain. This includes all members of the family including pre- and post-pregnant women, children, teenagers, men and seniors.

Why choose Victoria Chiropractic Centre...

Karen, her husband and their three children (eleven, eight and five-years-old) are all patients of the Victoria Chiropractic Centre. They appreciate the level of service and care that they receive.

“Pala spends a lot of time with her patients, she wants to make sure she understands what’s going on. She is very thorough and is interested in your overall health and your well-being. She finds out what is going on in your life, what your diet is like and how all of these things are contributing to your health and how you are feeling. She genuinely cares.”

She has helped each one of us in different ways. As a parent, you make a lot of decisions for your children, but taking them to Pala and having her continually treat them is one of the best decisions that I’ve made. I’m a huge fan.” - Karen S.